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  • To use the Raven TA Compilation pack you will need Total Annihilation, the Core Contingency expansion and the 3.1 patch installed


This new patch should greatly improve the performance and stability of all the water units. I've reworked all the scripts and models to remove the few remaining bugs. If you find any new bugs, then post a message on the forum.

After many hours hard work and a great deal of coffee, I've finally managed to sort out, or work round, all the known problems with version 1.0. The AI will now build spiders and Level 4 structures, and has been updated for use with the AI boost. Many units have been rescripted for improved performance and some models have been cleaned up or replaced.

I've added a few new sections to the site, including a new downloads page and added a Screenshots gallery.
  • Raven TA AI Boost released 24-7-04
A new AI boost has been created to make RTACP even more challenging. The boost comes in two parts, an AI resource and an AI gantry. The AI resource units can be built on any map and have been trained in self defence and disguise. They generally make the AI more difficult to rush and improve the speed at which its base develops. The AI gantries increase the rate at which the AI can build Mechs. This makes the end game of large land maps much more interesting as swarms of Mechs test your defences. Both parts of the AI boost may be used either together or alone.
  • Raven TA Forum 16-7-04

The Raven TA Compilation Pack now has it's own forum where you can post your comments and suggestions regarding the pack.


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